Garth Wallbridge is a Métis public speaker, lawyer, and professional director with experience in corporate law, business development, board governance and natural resource management. He is sought after by the media, government and business leaders to provide opinion, commentary and analysis on various Aboriginal, legal and business issues and the inter-relationship of the three. He has spoken nationally on topics such as understanding Canadian Aboriginal people, human resource management and effective board governance. Already a successful entrepreneur prior to studying law, he has over thirty years of experience in leadership and in the development, operation and expansion of business ventures in Northern Canada. He has a strong commitment to recruiting, mentoring and promoting Aboriginal people into senior positions and has worked with companies such as Northwestel in their recruitment and hiring process, earning them a reputation as a leading employer of choice as recognized by the Best Diversity of Employers for two years running, and was recognized as the change leader responsible for increasing Aboriginal employment by 38% in one year.

Garth Wallbridge operates the only all Aboriginal-owned and operated firm in the NWT and was a founding director for the McGill Aboriginal Law Students Association and the Métis Nation Lawyers Association. He worked with a team of Métis leaders throughout Canada to advocate for a Métis Policy Team with the Royal Commision for Aboriginal People, and was the leader of the Métis Policy Team after its creation. He has also developed the curriculum and delivered an Aboriginal Awareness Program to over 500 employees, executives and board members in the Northwest Territories, and speaks about Aboriginal legal and cultural issues at conferences and symposiums across Canada.

Garth has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors program leading to the designation ICD.D.